5 Creative Ways To Sell Your Land Online

We buy land for cash in Minnesota .    we’ve provided 5 creatives ways to sell your land online to help you stand out from the crowd and finally sell it!

Are you thinking about selling your land online?

Selling land has become challenging: there are many people trying to get just a few land buyers to discover THEIR property and buy it. If you’re selling property, maybe you’re wondering how do you stand out from the crowd effectively? You could sell it threw an agent, but they are going to charge you some heavy commissions.  So, how else do you get people to notice YOUR property instead of someone else’s? Or, even how to sell vacant lots and land without a realtor in Minneapolis St Paul?

That’s where you can get creative to market your property online in an attention-getting way. Here are 5 creative ways to sell your land online.

#1. Create a website for your land

Don’t just rely on links to your property from sites like Craigslist. Instead, set up an inexpensive website that is exclusively about your property and showcase pictures, location, contact information, and price so everyone can see it. Realtors have been using individual websites for houses for years.  Its easy to set up and you can get the personal website with address of the land being the URL.  Order your URL from godaddy, and you can also build your website on their plantform.

#2. Social media posts

Put the power of your network to good use. Share your land for sale on social media. Tell your friends about your land and ask them to share it with other people. If a few of your friends share, and a few of their friends share, then you can get your land in front of a lot of people quickly.

Another creatives ways to sell your land online is to build a facebook business page to market the land and send out a request for your friends to like the page and share it.  Before long you could have someone find it who was looking for some land just like yours.

#3. Have fun!

To some people, land can be very boring. So make it fun by finding a creative angle to market your land to people. Does your land have a beautiful view? Is it in the shadow of a famous lake? Are there trendy coffee shops or cafes around it? Find an interesting hook to get people talking about your property.

#4. Sell something else

Instead of selling land, why not sell a very expensive potato… and throw the land in for free? People might not look twice at a piece of land but an six figure potato with the free bonus of land is a silly, attention-getting way to get people to buy your land! Now that is being creative and by the way it may sell you land.

#5. Shoot a video

Shoot a video and post it on YouTube to show people what your land is like. The video will help them see the land while you describe it. Maybe even put your kids in the video or show people how they might be able to enjoy the property themselves by demonstrating it in video! the boring ways how people sell land makes their property blend in with the rest of the world, be crazy, creative, and who knows what will stick and you sell your land online.

When selling vacant land in Minneapolis St Paul be creative and don’t give up.  There is always someone out there to buy it if you can get it in front of them.  From some local person wanting to build their dream home to a Minnesota land developer, the trick is to be persistent!

Sometimes land can be boring so it’s time to get creative to sell your land. And if that doesn’t work or if you don’t have time to get creative then you can always just sell your land to us at Minnesota Cash Home Buyers. We’ll give you a fair cash price right away.

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