6 Tips to Help You Downsize Your House in Maplewood

6 Tips to Help You Downsize Your House in Maplewood

Downsizing your house in Maplewood can be overwhelming when you have to pick what to keep and what must go. Younger families turn to downsize to save money on mortgage costs and everyday utilities and make a smaller environmental footprint. While older homeowners may find they have much too much house for their needs today, the upkeep is more than they want to tackle at this age of life. Any task can be made simpler by breaking it down into steps and following it to get the outcome you desire. 

You can make slow yet steady progress towards achieving your goal of a new home that is comfortable, with a place for everything. Read on as we explore six tips to help you downsize your house in Maplewood.

Get a Plan

Our first tip to help you downsize your house in Maplewood is to gather the supplies you’ll need during the process. This is going to involve planning and sorting. You will need containers to put things, markers, labels, or pen/ paper to finish the job at hand. It’s helpful to have one large binder or computer to organize everything and include a calendar to keep yourself on track; break the home into sections. This should consist of a by-the-week schedule over the number of weeks you have before your move. Each room should be accounted for. There should also be a place to store essential documents and contact numbers you may need during or immediately following the move. There are numbers such as the movers, utility companies, or other service providers you may need to contact about relocating services. Have it all handy; if you are not organized during the downsizing process of your home, the whole process can get messy.

Touch Once

One of our tips to help you downsize your house in Maplewood is to only touch items once as you sort. Many people sort things out and then sort them a second or third time. To this end, you should have containers, boxes, or areas set aside for one of three categories, keep, give away or toss. For the items, you will continue to own (your keep area), it’s advisable to create a file in a notebook or computer so you won’t worry about finding something you need after the move. It will be easy to locate with this information fully kept in your moving binder or computer. First, list the items in the container, then alphabetize the container, ensuring you mark which room the box belongs to when you get to your new home. Movers are always asking during the unloading process where something should go. Next, figure out any items you wish to give to a specific person for them to have. This might be a table and chair set for the children because it is too large for your new home. I have a method to label these items clearly for the person intended, such as boxes or bags or notes pinned on a more oversized item like a sofa, depending on the object.

Measure Twice

Another tip to help you downsize your house in Maplewood is to measure the size of your furniture that you plan to take with you and lay the room plan out on graft paper. This simple plan, including all the measurements of the new property, will help to guarantee that your furniture will fit in the new space. If you own any oversized pieces, you may also want to check the measurements of entryways to be sure you can get the furniture through the door. Most homes have a 36inch door opening, but if downsizing in Maplewood to a smaller older home, the door opening may only be 30 inches.

Storage Closets

Our next tip to help you downsize your house in Maplewood is to consider the storage space and closets available in the new property. When downsizing, people often bring too much stuff to the house and stack it if full in storage closets, so the closet door barely shuts. If you haven’t used an item in the past two years, the chances are unlikely that you ever will. Perhaps you got a ninja air fryer or other small appliance for Christmas, but you’ve never used it; it’s time to let it go by giving it away or selling it and reclaiming the storage space.

Wrapping Up

A great tip to help you downsize your house in Maplewood is to hold a moving away party. You heard me right! You put on the party. You can say your goodbyes to those who have been a part of your daily life and talk about your good memories. This gathering is the perfect opportunity to share any giveaway items with those friends and family. The more you give away, the easier the move will go, and the more organized you need home can be.

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