How Home Sellers Are Saving Money When Selling Property In Minneapolis St Paul

Ready to sell your house in Minneapolis St Paul? Learn how homeowners are saving money when selling property in Minneapolis St Paul! Ready to sell your house fast in Minneapolis St Paul? Before hiring an agent, be sure you are aware of what is expected of you both physically and financially. In this post, we will help you learn how homeowners are saving money when selling property in Minneapolis St Paul!

When you are selling a house it is often more time consuming and expensive then people may think. After all the time you take to get it ready, meet with agents, and then there are the costs to get it ready, you might be dealing with more then you planned on.  We have put together up to date information on selling your home fast as an owner and who you may benefit not using the MLS to sell your house in Minneapolis St Paul.

Selling To A Direct Buyer

Selling your house to a direct home buyer will save you time and money on the process. Many peoples mind goes only to the traditional way of selling houses threw an agent and they do not even think about this option.  Maybe they think they won’t get a fair price or maybe they think that there is some sort of catch. When you sell your house fast directly to Minnesota Cash Home Buyers, you’ll receive a fair offer that is straightforward and transparent. You won’t have to wait for a buyer or worry about any hidden fees. Our process makes selling your house simple no matter what you are currently dealing with!

The Benefits of Avoiding The MLS

Now we are going to get into the areas where big dollars are saved when asking how home sellers are saving money when selling a property In Minneapolis St Paul and avoid the MSL.  One of the fastest growing ways to save money is through a direct sale to Minnesota Cash Home Buyers.  They will offer many great benefits when selling your house to a Minneapolis St Paul professional home buyer. Working with our team can save you time and money not to mention the stress and frustrations home sellers often face. Our process is quick and easy and will benefit you in a number of ways.

No Commissions

Commissions can take a huge chunk of your selling proceeds. Sellers in  Minneapolis St Paul are saving money when selling their property without an agent.   For example, if you sell your house for $200,000, you could be on the hook for about $12,000 in commissions if you consider the average agent fee of 6%. That’s not including the many other costs sellers face when selling their Minneapolis St Paul house in the traditional way.

No Closing Costs

With that same $200,000 sale, your closing costs will run somewhere between $2,000 and $7,000. These costs cover things like prorated taxes, transfer fees, recording costs, and title insurance. If you are selling your house on the MLS here in the twin cities through an agent  And your buyer happens to be a first time home buyer, its a 70% chance they are not going to have enough money to pay the down payment and closing costs, that means that buyer is going to ask you to pay their closing cost.  You could figure 3 % of the sale price to cover the buyers cost.  On that same $200,000 house that equals an additional $6,000 out of our pocket.

When you work with Minnesota Cash Home Buyers, all of the standard closing costs are covered.  That is right, we will take care of everything, leaving you without any added expense.  That savings alone from our example of a $200,000 house above is up to $$11,000  is savings.  We want our offer to be exactly what you walk away with. We’ll make sure you don’t incur any additional costs on the sale.

No Repairs

Repairs can cost an arm and a leg. Even if you are doing the repairs your self you still need to consider all your time and the cost of the materials. All these repairs that you are doing or hiring someone to do, net you zero extra money in your pocket, you just need to do them to be able to sell your house. Many homeowners make repairs before listing only to find their potential buyers wish to negotiate to have even MORE done to the property before a sale goes through. After the inspections are completed, many homebuyers will ask for problems with the house be resolved before the purchase.  We have seen houses that have functioned fine for years, that after an buyers inspection find out that the furnace needs to be replaced or the fuse box needs to be updated to 100 amp breakers before the sale can go threw.  Thousands of dollars can go through your hands fast.  Selling your house in Minneapolis St Paul to Minnesota Cash Home Buyers will allow you to sell as-is, without any repairs to worry about.

No Cleaning or Staging

In addition sellers are saving money when selling the property in Minneapolis St Paul without doing repairs , you’ll be able to avoid the cleaning too. When an agent comes into your house they are going to suggest things that need to be done to get it ready to sell.  Repairs we discussed already, but they are going to want you to hire a staging company to declutter and depersonalize your home to make it easier for the new buyers to visualize their things in your property.  Along with that,  the professional home staging company will rearrange your place to be more what the buyers are looking for.  Don’t be insulted by this process, they are professionals and this is what they do.

Then comes the real work.  Cleaning everything.  When you list your house, you will need to keep it clean and showing ready at all times. This can be time-consuming, especially when there is a large family living in the home.  This whole process can attract more buyers, but it isn’t always cheap.

When you sell your house to Minnesota Cash Home Buyers, you won’t have to clean up or worry about any items you want to leave behind. You won’t have to clean, stage, or deal with property showings which can be inconvenient and intrusive. We will haul away all of your unwanted items. All you have to do is take the belonging you want to bring with you and get ready to collect your check.

No Marketing Costs

If you come to the decision that want to list your house with an agent  Minneapolis St Paul, keep in mind that they will have different marketing options available. Most of these options are connected to the commission you are willing to pay to get the services they provide.  For example there are agents who charge 4.5% to sell your home.  For that commission they will list your home on the MLS with pictures taken on their phone, and will wait for phone calls if any comes in.  On the other end of the spectrum, with some homeowners willing to shell out for premium listings, eye-catching signage, and online marketing campaigns. Things like professional photography, drone footage, and virtual tours can all boost your property’s visibility and you find in those premium listings. But just like the other costs mentioned above, you could find yourself spending a fortune on marketing, only to find yourself still without a buyer months down the road.

The benefits of a direct sale go beyond just the financial perks. When you work with our team, you will get the peace of mind you need. You’ll know that your house is sold, without you having to spend another dime. You can be done with the whole thing within weeks.

Do you want to learn how local homeowners are saving money when selling property in Minneapolis St Paul? Reach out to us at any time with your selling questions, we are always happy to help! (612) 444-5088

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