Selling Your House in Cottage Grove When You Have Kids or Pets

Do you want to sell your home in Cottage Grove? Selling your house when you have kids or pets brings forth many challenges. We will give you some ideas of what you can do to make this process easier for you, your family, and your pets.

Deep Clean

First impressions when selling a house is so important. It you are selling your house when you have kids and pets, there are some things your should know. People know in the first 10 seconds if they are interested in moving further towards purchasing a property. Any unpleasant odor is an indication of a cat or dog residing in the home. Buyers will jump to the conclusion that you’re covering up something if all they smell are air-fresheners. You also want the potential buyers to picture living in the home, and it is helpful to put away extra accessories, toys, and personal items when there are viewings. A thorough cleaning of your home is imperative if you’re selling your house in Cottage Grove when you have kids or pets. We love our kids and the playing they are doing, but this is about selling your house, and all of their toys need to be stored away out of sight during the showing. Do not forget to include the yard when you are carrying out your pre-showing cleanup routine, or there is no worn or unappealing outdoor furniture or other items, such as rusted swing sets. Additionally, if you have dogs, be sure to pick up any droppings and, if possible, resod areas of grass that are worn down because of them.


You know that your pet will never hurt anyone, but things happen.  Any animal with teeth or claws can scratch or even bite a stranger.  Most of the time, it’s just a reaction because the visitor seems out of place to them. Because of that,  it is of significant importance to familiarize yourself with your homeowner’s insurance policy when selling your house in Cottage Grove when you have pets. Ensure that it covers the possibility of strangers in your home being harmed in any manner by your pet. Because there are some breeds insurers do not cover, check this information on your policy. No matter what type of pet you have, there will be a showing that professionals in the real estate industry advise that the best option is to remove pets from home while you are selling the home.

Showing Schedule

Parents know that disturbing their children’s routine is something to be avoided when possible, including when selling your house in Cottage Grove when you have kids or pets. It is wise to have a list on hand of things you can do with the kids.  Plan on visiting Como zoo or one of the local twin cities lakes to pass the time quickly. Have bags packed with toys or activity books and special treats for each child that you can grab handily as you go out the door and make one for each of your pets? Keep to-go snacks and drinks on hand to make the process easier for everyone. It is essential to precisely communicate the times that work best for your family to your real estate agent, with the expectation they will be respectful of your wishes. Be aware that delaying showings could cause potential buyers to move on to another property, leading to longer average days on the market. An agent who is real good at getting a house sold will tell you that this process only lasts for a short while and be ready to get out of the house within 1 hour’s notice if you are interested in selling your house with kids living there.

Sell Directly to Minnesota Cash Home Buyers

The least stressful option to sell your house to Minnesota Cash Home Buyers in Cottage Grove when you have kids or pets. Changing how your family works can be very disruptive and cause stress and uneasiness within the family.  Selling is so much easier and faster directly to Minnesota Cash Home Buyers. You can set it when you want to close on the house, and you don’t have to do anything to it to sell it.  They buy the property as-is in as little as 7 days. Minnesota Cash Home Buyers will lay out every step of the process with very clear contracts that are simple as-is purchase agreements. This means no more worries about your insurance policy and your pets. You do not even need to clean, forget the odor concerns, and scheduling your children’s life around a real estate agent! Sellers can expect quick, simple, stress-free transactions from Minnesota Cash Home Buyers.

Send us a message or give Minnesota Cash Home Buyers a call to discuss selling your house and the steps to receive your offer. You can sell your house and be done. Call (612) 444-5088 today!

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