Selling Your House in Inver Grove Heights? You Will Likely Work With A Few of The Following People

Selling Your House in Inver Grove Heights? You Will Likely Work With A Few of The Following People

There are a significant number of professionals who fall under the umbrella of the real estate industry—selling your house in Inver Grove Heights? You’ll likely work with a few of the following people. 

Title Companies

When someone is selling or just transferring the title within real estate transactions or the right to own and use the property, it often is completed at closing. Title companies are experts at dealing with these types of things and play a vital role in selling your house in Inver Grove Heights. A professional title company’s job is to protect your interests within the transaction and have the foresight of seeing anything that might come back to you as an issue. Many offices hire a team of real estate attorneys who will review and validate all supporting legal documents, oversee the laws and the contract you sign. Of mutual importance is their searching the house’s title’s history, which could reveal problems. These problems range from property taxes due, water bills, un-paid, mechanics lean on the property. Should there be a lien, the title company will expertly handle the issue on your behalf. Mortgage lenders require this service at closing, ensuring no legal entanglements arise with the property. By resolving legal issues before the sale, the transaction can flow smoothly for the seller, saving valuable time and money by avoiding delays. After clearing the title, they can then issue title insurance for the buyer and the seller. Title insurance acts as a warranty on the title against any financial loss, should any problem ever arise in the future. The security this offers allows both parties to move on with confidence in the transfer of title.


Unless you built a new house in the last 10 years, home inspections might be stressful over the anticipation of possible bad news. The whole reason why home inspections are competed is to expose issues that the average person will not see easily or future problems if left undealt with. Mortgage lenders will not finance your buyer until any of the major repairs are finished. As the Minnesota state seller, you may be responsible for stepping up to render them, including paying for making those repairs before you can continue the process of selling your house in Inver Grove Heights. They could be as small as installing a smoke detector, but they are most costly, including a new furnace, roof, or water heater. Another avenue many sellers agree to in the sales purchase agreement contract is allowing the buyers to use the estimated amount of any repairs to lower their offering price. It would be best to have more than one contractor inspect any issue and provide their estimates on the repairs. The differences can be startling in both their resolution and pricing for their services. Regrettably, some buyers may walk away from the deal upon hearing bad news from the inspection. For this reason, many homeowners have a pre-inspection and do some of the needed repairs before putting the property on the market.  Doing that is to ensure a smooth and speedy closing. Keep in mind the laws regarding full disclosure in real estate transactions.


Determining the home’s market value or the amount the home would sell for on the current real estate market is essential in determining the sales price when you’re selling your house in Inver Grove Heights. A lottery chooses appraisers to determine who goes out to what property. Appraisers will physically visit the subject property 97% of the time, reviewing the interior thoroughly measuring the total square feet of finished space, number of bedrooms, and bathrooms.  They consider the property’s overall condition, outdated appliances, the layout’s functionality, and any apparent issues. They’re also intimately familiar with Inver Grove Heights and exterior influences that may hinder the property’s full enjoyment, such as less than pleasant odors from industrial areas nearby. Their ability to analyze all of the influential factors involved in this determination makes appraisers extremely valuable in managing the risks on loans made by lenders or other parties with financial interests. With FHA and some Conventional loans, the new buyers are only required to come up with a 3% down payment, knowing the property’s actual value is needed. Usually required on behalf of the lender to ensure the loan to value ratio falls into a low-risk percentage, usually lending up to 80% of the appraised value without requiring PIP or private mortgage insurance.

Real Estate Agents

Chances are when considering which method to use to sell your house in Inver Grove Heights, listing with a local real estate agent is likely the first thought that comes to mind. When hiring an agent, part of the deal in selling your home is to have showings. For some, the idea of strangers touring their home, virtually or in person, makes them uncomfortable. Others would prefer not to risk their health with potential exposure during the pandemic or anytime in the future. Simultaneously, many sellers can not afford the inevitable time involved with prepping their home to be listed. This could include possibly remodeling or making repairs to the house; others may not have the time or the funds to do so. Last but most certainly not least, many sellers try to avoid high real estate agent commissions paid to agents by listing their homes on their own. This often ends in inexperienced sellers’ financial disaster, taking much longer than anticipated and not selling the home.

Professional Home Buyers

Did you know there is another alternative to sell your home fast? Out of all people you’ll likely work with selling your house in Inver Grove Heights, professional home buyers can help you handle all of your problems! They are much more than just someone who buys a cash home. They are experts at real estate and have done deals in many different ways to make sellers work.  Sometimes they list it as an agent, but at a much lower commission than the big brokers, you see all over the place.  It you want just to be done, an option is to sell in one easy step. Both you and the Professional home buyer agree to a fair cash offer, and Minnesota Cash Home Buyers won’t charge any hidden fees or commissions. Minnesota Cash Home Buyers handles everything, with no inspection or repairs and no waiting, usually closing within 30 days or less. We make the process easy! Ready to learn more? Send us a message or call Minnesota Cash Home Buyers at 6124445088 today!

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