3 Ways To Tell Real Estate Agents And Investors Apart In Minneapolis St Paul

In this article, we are going to guide you threw ways to tell real estate agents and investors apart in Minneapolis St Paul.  There are times when they are the same person, but as a rule, they think very differently about things, you as a property seller should be aware of.

If you have owned a house, duplex or apartment building for a while or inherited it you may be thinking about selling it. If so, you also have been thinking about what your local ways that you could sell and what options are and who you should reach out to for help. You might even know a Real Estate Agent or Investor and wonder if they would be good to talk to about your property.

Check out this blog post to read about 3 ways to tell a traditional real estate agent and investors apart in Minneapolis St Paul, and help you understand why you might want to work with one versus the other…

3 Ways to Tell an Agent apart from an Investor in {market_city}

Thinking about selling your house, duplex, multi-family units?  When you get the word out that you want to sell, believe me, every agent that might know you will reach out offering to help.  Over the years you might have gotten letters from investors who said they were interested in giving you an offer on your property. But not everyone who offers to help will help in the same way, or give the expertise that your desire to have. There are good quality real estate agents that really serve their clients, others are real estate investors who are out to take everything you have for nothing.  The opposite is true also .  So when we look at the best of both worlds of agents and investors they’ll help you in different ways. Still asking the questions if you should hire a real estate agent to sell your Minneapolis St Paul house or sell to an investor? Here are 3 ways to tell real estate agents and investors apart in Minneapolis St Paul.

Ways To Tell Real Estate Agents And Investors Apart In Minneapolis St Paul: List Versus Buy

The easiest way to tell agents from investors is to ask what they are going to do with your house – list it or buy it. A real estate agent’s main purpose to help you get your house ready to sell. Make a list of things you should consider repairing and clean up the house, they will take pictures and list your house on a listing service called the MLS (Multi Listing Service) and they’ll try to find a buyer. Other agents will set up a time to view your property and maybe put in an offer.  Your agent will present the offer to you.

An investor, on the other hand, isn’t going to list your house – the investor is a buyer and they will buy your house from you directly. (That’s what we do at Minnesota Cash Home Buyers – we’re professional home buyers and we buy houses in Minneapolis St Paul metro area and outstate. If you want to sell your house, click here and enter your information to find out how much we can pay). Investors don’t require you to do any repairs, no cleaning, no need to pay for pictures or pay commission to the agent.  They often pay cash and close when it works for you.

Ways To Tell Real Estate Agents And Investors Apart In Minneapolis St Paul: Timeline To Sell

The next way to tell an agent apart from an investor is to ask about their timeline to buy. A  good agent will not promise anything in reference to timing in selling your property. The agent will list the property for sale and then either wait for someone to call them, or go find a buyer for your house. In many cases, they might be looking at 3-12 months during which they’ll show the house to multiple potential buyers. In the meantime your house just sits waiting for an offer.

An investor, though, will know exactly how long it will take to buy your house since they’re the ones who will buy it. They will have an exact timeline (which could depend on you and how quickly you want to sell). Many professional investors can look at a couple of pictures of your house with a given address and have a pretty good idea of what it’s worth.  Most of them would like to do a walk threw to confirm their offer price.  This whole process can take about 24 hours from the time you contact them.  Once an offer is accepted between you the seller and an investor, the closing can take 7 to 30 days most of the time depending on when you want to be done.

Ways To Tell Real Estate Agents And Investors Apart In Minneapolis St Paul: Commission Versus No Commission

This one is crucial! An Real estate agent makes their money when they find a buyer and then you have to pay them a commission on the house (which could be somewhere around 6% of the sale price… or $12,000 on a $200,000 house). They send a lot of time talking with you to find out what you want to do with the house an d advice you on what you can do to get it ready to sell. That along with all their marketing to get it sold takes real money, and you pay for them to do that.

An investor, however, isn’t listing your house so there aren’t any commissions. That is because an investor is note-making money on the transaction they will make their money on how they use the house. Most of the time they are either renting the house to a tenant or fixing up the house and selling it so a new family can enjoy living there… so they make their money in a different way.

Another way you can tell real estate agents and investors apart is that an investor will put an offer on a house and then assign it to another investor who will purchase the property.  This is called wholesaling the property. Its a way that an investor is helping someone sell their home, but maybe the investor does not have the money to purchase it at that time, so they bring in another one to purchase it. These can sound confusing, but our very common in the business. These are considered wholesale deals and there are some unexpected benefits of working with a real estate wholesaler in Minneapolis St Paul. They are investors who have a large group of associates who have money to help fund the purchase of multiple properties. You might have seen signs around that say Cash for Houses in Minneapolis St Paul or something like that. If you want to understand more about how this all works reach out to us, this is what we do is help people through this process.

There are other ways to tell an agent or investor apart. The best thing to do is just ask… they’ll tell you!

We at Minnesota Cash Home Buyers are a little different than most Agents and investors.  We are investors first, but also are real estate agents. When you sit down with one of our professional home buyers they can help you to determine what is best for both of us.  Most of the time, our clients find that just selling their property meets their needs best, but there are times when we list their properties and market it to sell at the highest price for the clients.  Its all depends on the conversation.

Please reach out to us and let us put together a no-obligation offer to either buy or list your property. If nothing else you will be educated with your options.

If you’ve read this post and decided to see what an investor can pay for your house, get in touch with us. Click here and enter your info, or pick up the phone and call our team at (612) 444-5088.

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