5 Reasons Why We Buy Houses in Minneapolis St Paul

5 Reasons Why We Buy Houses in Minneapolis St Paul

If you have ever wondered, what is in it for those we buy houses companies like Minnesota Cash Home Buyers? Why are they willing to buy my house? Here are the top 5 reasons why we buy houses in Minneapolis St Paul.

Identifying Your Needs

As with anything else in the world, evil people will find a way to make money without caring who they hurt along the way. We take the time to listen to each individual situation, and figure out what is actually the best thing for you.  If, after we talk with you and it seems like your best option is to work with a real estate agent, we will tell you that.  We even have an agent on our team you could talk with to see if that makes sense to you.  Or listing your home as for sale by owner is better in your case, we are more than happy to advise you to do that. We sleep better at night, knowing that we are a reliable company is offering this service that the public can rely on to do what is best for them. This is one of the main reasons why we buy houses in Minneapolis St Paul.



Quite simply, we love fixing up houses! While rehabbing property is not everybody’s cup of tea, it most certainly is ours! We are excited every day to know that we will be providing a solid home with good bones for a family to grow in and make memories. This is an additional reason we buy houses in Minneapolis St Paul. While others may only see hard work and a bottomless pit of expenses, and there can be lots of them, our team is ready to go when they are looking at a run-down property. We plan out what needs to be done and even dream abit on things that we can do creatively to make the home even better. Over the years, we have built long-term relationships with artisans, assembling teams of the construction industry’s best professionals. These masters of their craftwork side-by-side with us as we renovate, repair, or rehab properties to bring most of them up to today’s standards. We know our team will correct anything that isn’t right about the property and do it right the first time! There is always shortcuts that can be taken that no one will see.  Our craftsmen can not do it that way, they can not just turn their back on something that should be done, so we have them, most of the time, just do it. We get satisfaction knowing our buyers can rely on the structure, systems, and everything else that comes with our homes. We are pleased to know that our efforts provide people with homes that have been brought up to up-to-date and will meet the demands of today’s lifestyle and offer enjoyment for many years to come.


Minnesota Cash Home Buyers offers a definite closing date, within a decidedly short timeframe, when a homeowner faces a financial deadline. Within our first conversation, we want to know what’s going on in your life that you need or want to sell the property.  We ask about timelines and dates that we should know about and keep records of those critical times when putting together an offer. There are many occurrences wherein we have averted personal economic disaster for the seller. At times by mere days, we have stepped in just in the nick of time and taken a burden from someone financially. It breaks our hearts when we can not help.  We received a phone call from a man who was in the redemptive period of being foreclosed on and asked if we could help.  As the discussion went along, we found out that that day he was talking to us was the last day of his redemption period.  Unfortiently we were not able to help.  We do miracles but need more than hours to get this done for him.  We still think about him and hope he was able to work something out with his bank.

Knowing we make a difference in others’ lives motivates us every day, as we buy houses in Minneapolis St Paul. There are no contingencies with debtors on our end that can hold back the hands of time, despite any of your troubles. In a traditional real estate agent listing, the unknown timeline means the bills will continue to come in despite your budgetary restrictions. When considering a fair purchase price, don’t forget to factor in these expenses and subtract them from the bottom line. If you have listed your property as for sale by owner, you will also want to deduct the outlay for marketing the home, and a true expense many people don’t think of is your time.  You can not put dollars on time, but it is a real thing. Add these into the fees and commissions that will be paid out, if you list with a real estate agent. This benefit is why many decide to work with us.



Not only does a traditional listing mean less profit in your pocket at the end of the day, but it can also be a very time-consuming undertaking to get your property into shape and maintain a picture-perfect interior at all times. Showings mean a stream of intrusions, some of which are nosey neighbors or people who simply want to tour your home because they are bored, along with the serious walkthroughs. Add to this frequent open houses gobbling up your precious weekends and unable to relax in your own home. Some people cannot deal with the headache or simply don’t want strangers walking through their homes. Offering another option, by only buying the home as-is and letting the owner walk away with the profit in their pockets at closing, is another of the reasons why we buy houses in Minneapolis St Paul.

Community Pride

Pride matters. We love restoring communities, which is a profoundly motivating factor when buying houses in Minneapolis St Paul. Over the years, we have purchased and rehabbed over 25 homes in North Minneapolis alone.  That makes a dent in a problematic area and improves people’s quality of life there. It all starts with pride of ownership in each homeowner. If you have ever noticed one home on a block, starts to improve its look and you start to see similar improvements happening up and down the block before you know it. Through this sense of community, there is more open interaction among Neighbors.  People start going over to eachothers home and enjoying a sense of community. We understand this phenomenon.

Furthermore, we know that our daily endeavors lead to an overall rise of pride in the community and a better standard of living conditions. As the improvements continue, we see our work building even more of a sense of community. It creates a mindset change in the residents, making it worth all the effort to maintain their homes, being involved in keeping their neighborhood safe and beautiful.

One house at a time can change a whole community, and that is our goal and passion.  We would love to be able to use your home as one of our next projects.  Imagine a family enjoying your home and take pride that you added to that success story.

We love helping people, is the biggest reason of all why Minnesota Cash Home Buyers buys houses in Minneapolis St Paul. Send us a message or call (612) 444-5088 today to learn more about what we can offer!

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