Carl- Thank you to MN cash home buyers

We were grateful to work with Minnesota cash home buyers as we were going threw a change in our lives that was hard to take. Dave came over and just talked, it was a relief to talk with someone who knows what we were going threw. We just needed to know we were going to make it threw the whole deal.  No pressure was put on us to sell, just good options were laid before us and we decided what was best for us.  They did the paperwork that we agreed on, set up the title company and helped get rid of unwanted stuff in the house that was there for years.  Even at the end before we closed, we were told to just leave the rest and they would take care of it. Thanks

Carl S – St Paul, MN

Our Story Minnesota Cash Home Buyers

“Dave Gallogly- Managing Partner” While in college, I got the real estate bug and a desire to help people, and it has never left me.

Growing up in the county near a small town in northern Iowa called Hampton. My parents impressed upon me the importance of family, faith,  hard work, and being part of a community was important. Being in a large family made it difficult for our parents to finance our college careers. Starting school at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) in 1981, but I needed to work my way through school in construction building farm structures during the summer months to pay the bills. These years taught me much about working hard and enjoying the process of figuring out how things went together. This was the point where I started to fall in love with real estate and the people you would contact along the way. After graduating from UNI majoring in Interior Design, I moved to Minneapolis St Paul in 1986 to take a job as an Interior Designer in Dayton’s department store (Macy’s). Being a farm kid in the city, I was excited to expand my passion for housing and helping people find solutions to their problems. Working as an Interior Designer, I was able to listen to people to determine their plans and help guide them to a solution that best fits them and their home.

Love of Real Estate and People Emerged

During this time, I always loved real estate and purchased and rented houses.  Part of that passion was taking something that was needing some help and come up with a plan to fix the problems. The first house we purchased back in the early 1990s, from a nice couple who needed to sell. They did not have the knowhow or finances to do the repairs that needed to be completed.  I was called by a mutual friend to see if I was interested in buying the house from them as is.  They had someone out who “Buys Homes for Cash” and was offered a meager price for their house.  After a conversation on the phone, we all sat down in person and came up with a win-win situation where I was able to buy the house as-is, and they were ready to buy a new home that fit their needs.  Our families are still friends to this day, and it all comes down to how we both felt it was fare how we structured the sale.

Fast forward another 30 years, and we are still doing those kinds of win-win situations with people who need or want to sell their homes as-is.  The difference is now we have grown into a business, and this is all we do.  My passion for helping people and working in real estate has become a family business.  Not everyone works full time for Minnesota Cash Home Buyers, but they all do apart and live the values I learned growing up on a farm in Iowa: Family, faith, working hard, and being part of a community.

We Love Figuring Out Solutions For People Dealing With Real Estate

Most of us go through life, wanting to enjoy ourselves and have a desire to love and be loved.  But, life has a way of taking us down paths, we didn’t think we would go down.  Facing divorce, foreclosure, probate, IRS tax liens, owning a house that needs repairs but doesn’t have the money to make the repairs, sound familiar?  We have helped guide people through these situations to an outcome that they can live with.  Some of these journeys need to be addressed as fast as you can, so the issue’s impact does not get worse.  We sit down and try to explain what your options are related to your house and the different outcomes depending on what decision you choose to make.  You are always in control, and it’s done with the utmost care and respect. Even though sometimes the truth is hard to take when our clients hear it.

Our Core Values

  1. Positivity, Care, and Possibility
  2. Treat Others as You Want to be Treated
  3. Honor and Respect the Real Issues in People Lives
  4. Honest and Creative in Solutions
  5. Educate and Serve our Clients

Our Mission

Add Humanity to Business and Help People Gain the Freedom to Issues Related to Real Estate

Minnesota Cash Home Buyers Advantage

There are many ways you can get rid of your property today.  You can run its course, and the bank takes it over if you are in foreclosure, sell it on the retail market with an agent, or sell it directly to an investor / We Buy Houses for Cash people.  We start with the end in mind, working with you towards the end goal you desire.  As a licensed General Contractor and Licensed Minnesota Real Estate Agent, we have the experience to see and deal with creatively, issues you bring to us.  It is much more than just a house to us. It is caring about people going through a hard time in their lives and providing solutions that fit their needs.

Most of the time, clients of ours want a clear plan on what they should do.  Most traditional real estate agents are wanting a sale and work only within that area and may not be servicing you with the best solution.  Other professional home buyers may be smooth and confident, but that does not mean they are competent or looking for your best interest. 

We come with a three prone approach at the end of the day to help people with their situation.

  1. We will buy your house as-is
  2. We will help you find a buyer
  3. Guidance on what you can do in the worst of situations, so your future is not defined by this

We start with hearing about your needs, and together, we come up with a plan that works for both of us. 

We focus on building an understanding of where you are at, what you desire, and provide a professional personal solution to your property needs.

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Meet The Minnesota Cash Home Buyers Team

Dave Gallogly – Acquisitions, Managing Partner

Dave has had a passion for helping people and real estate since college.  He has a broad experience in finding solutions to complex issues. His professional career started as an Interior Designer and fast forward to today, where Dave is a General Contractor,  Real Estate Agent, acquisitions specialist, and managing partner of Minnesota Cash Home Buyers. He has shown his care for people while working as a youth pastor at his local church and counseling clients on best practices as they deal with issues revolving around their houses. But, away from business…   Dave loves working with YoPros (young professionals) in this church, guiding them towards living a successful life, fishing, motorcycling, and exploring hidden areas around the United States with friends and family.  He has been married since 1991 and has five amazing children and two grandchildren.

Mari Gallogly – Support, Customer Service

Mari has been on the ride with Dave as they have done many amazing things revolving around real estate.  Her passion for people and helping those with needs has been evident in her support in doing whatever needs to be done.  Her priority is her spiritual walk, and then it’s the kids and grandbabies. Outside of work, Mari loves to scrapbook, exercise, and gardening.

Andrew Unger– GM

Ben Gallogly – Engineer

Ben works part-time with the company on individual needs, including engineering and technical issues.  He following his parent’s lead and is helping out as a teen mentor for his church. In his downtime, he loves playing dungeons and dragoons, riding a motorcycle, and designing new products.

Jeffrie Gallogly – Technology

Jeff has loved technology since he was a kid.  He is fantastic at figuring out how things work and explaining it in simple English to non-nerdy types.  In his downtime, he is becoming a master baker with a particular sweet tooth for pies.

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